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I think this blog needs to be revived. Not for any large readership, but for myself. For the processing of my thoughts and feelings.

If you’ve been looking for something here, well, there will be something here. Stay awhile.

Posted by: Bwandungi | November 6, 2009

Once t’again…

I’m watching the 5th season of the L Word with K.

Is life really like that in LA? K says if someone has a weak character it’s easy to get lost in the hype. But to the point of regressing to a pouty preadolescent girl? Sigh! I should try and watch Lovers and Friends. Coz the whole bunch of friends thing with one person who is a struggling writer, one a professor and another promiscuous… is repeated way too often.

Here is a plot to steal for all the story readers who steal plot lines out there.

The story is based on ONE SINGLE LESBIAN who keeps an online diary about her journey through life. She’s not a particularly good writer and sometimes only has one line for her blog. Someone keeps responding to it and in the beginning they clash so much till the MAIN lesbian sends her an email to stay off her blog. They become great pen pals… continue story!!!

Now let me get back to the news and just see how far Americans are gonna go…

Posted by: Bwandungi | November 5, 2009

Gay children

I read a post on HersandHers’ blog that got me thinking about children and sexuality.

Maybe I was just one of those kids that had a very late development, and even though I dabbled in some heterosexual activities (I wasn’t going to be the only girl who didn’t have a crush on a boy!) I didn’t have any ‘sexual’ feelings toward anyone – male or female – until I was 18! Most of the girls I went to school with didn’t really have these kinds of feeling until then. Maybe we were too sheltered.

On the other hand, there are children having children!

The sexual development of any person rests squarely on the shoulders of parents. They are the ones who help them understand what hormones are doing to their bodies and interprete cues from other people.

Too many  parents are not parenting.

Posted by: Bwandungi | April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Hooray! It’s Friday!

I’m not even sure why I celebrate the coming of the weekend so much when I don’t get paid AND I don’t do anything fun. I guess I just look forward to the simple pleasure of slipping my hand through my Baby’s boxer waist band while we sit on the couch and watch Borat for the 19,324th time. You’d think we’d never seen it before the way we laugh and go on.

I decided it was time to get connected to some fun loving black lesbians living in the GTA and see if I could convince them to help me find other places where da black is at! I joined downelink – which is a popular social networking website for the rainbow community and I’ve made a couple of connections. I’m looking forward to what is going to ensue from it.

What are you doing this weekend?

Posted by: Bwandungi | March 7, 2009

A few thoughts

1. I know how and why Jenny dies.

2. How do ladies walk around with bouncing heaving bossoms and why doesn’t mine do that? Maybe my walk isn’t bouncy enough.

3. Keep wondering why people are afraid of gay people. Why else would they fight them so hard about getting married? Other countries have done it and survived!

4. I’m dying to have funky nails put on.

5. Am I rocker chic or afro chic and how can that be confusing?

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