Les Links

Lesbian Blogs

Brown girl gone gay – exactly!

Femme Fluff – the mind of a femme girl.

Bella in the City – another blog from Philly.

Coming Out Stories – read all about it!

Breasts wild as black waves – interesting personal blog.

Crap, I’m a lesbian – A biracial lesbian graduate screenwriting student.

Dorothy Surrenders – the lesbian perspective. Shows, celebrities… etc

Talking to Manatees – Scribegrrl and Scribegrrl’s girl talking about L-Word.

Automatic Win – Honest Lesbian… great personal blog.

Grace the Spot – Lesbian Humor

Ten Thousand People – One girl’s quest to meet 10,000 people

Daily Lesbian Moment – Your daily dose of *lesbian* and *lesbian-friendly*…in blog form!

Peaches & Coconuts – Lesbian Mom personal blog

The Planet – L Word podcasts



  1. Hey! I love seeing links to my blog! Thanks for the love!


  2. Thanks for linking!

  3. Loving the Les Link! Thanks for including me in such a super list!!

    Only coz your blog is a super blog! 😀 Thanks for dropping in!

  4. LESBIAN DOUBLE STANDARD: This week we had in-laws over for dinner. Inspired by Chuck we made our own pizzas, including a goat cheese, roasted butternut squash, arugula, olive oil pie…yum! yum! Anyway, over dinner conversation my wife was telling Grandma & Grandpa about how we got a free subscription to Showtime, and that we’re recording ‘The L Word‘, a drama about lesbians. My wife observed: “How come we hear about women who are sick of men and start dating other women? But we never hear a man say, ‘I’m sick of women! I think I’ll start dating men!’”

    • Depends what show you watch Stay at home father! Oh and don’t use Television as your means for measure. It cannot work.

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