Posted by: Bwandungi | March 7, 2009

A few thoughts

1. I know how and why Jenny dies.

2. How do ladies walk around with bouncing heaving bossoms and why doesn’t mine do that? Maybe my walk isn’t bouncy enough.

3. Keep wondering why people are afraid of gay people. Why else would they fight them so hard about getting married? Other countries have done it and survived!

4. I’m dying to have funky nails put on.

5. Am I rocker chic or afro chic and how can that be confusing?



  1. 1.How do you know this?

    2.Bouncing boobs means not enough bra support. My boobs would hurt if they bounced all day they are too big.

    3. People are afraid of change period. It goes to their own insecurities.

    4. How funky?

    5. No clue.

  2. 1. I want to know too. Please share.

    2. I don’t have enough to bounce and I think that has to be hella uncomfortable.

    3. Most people are afraid of anything different from themselves.

    4. Funky like ghetto? With pictures and wild unnatural colors? (My apologies to anyone I just offended)

    5. It’s confusing because most rocker chicks don’t have afros. They have hair that moves when they head bang. Do you head bang?

  3. 1. No teasing allowed. Spill it! ….. please.

    2. It’s all in the bra. I’ve always wanted to be a bra-fitter. My partner is not so keen. I just want to help girls feel pretty…and bounce when they’re supposed to bounce. is that so wrong??

    3. You and me both.

    4. Watch the length of those nails. Not everyone enjoys pap smears during romantic evenings.

    5. Too unrock-chick to comment. Can you be a rockin’ afro chick?

  4. 1. Please do share!!!!!!

    2. I don’t wanna bounce but I sure do like to watch others bounce!

    3. I wonder the same thing…

    4. Funky like Rihanna style? If yes, me too!

    5. You lost me here.

  5. 1. I don’t care how or why. Didn’t watch the show much.

    2. I wouldn’t mind a reduction but particular about who I let see and touch them.

    3. People (heteros) are not scared of gay people, they just don’t like change that makes it clear that they are not special.

    4. I like natural everything.

    5. It’s confusing because you are comparing music (I’m assuming) and a hair style.

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