Posted by: Bwandungi | February 19, 2009

I missed it!

So, I’m browsing for pictures to use that would be boring enough to fit the utterly boring description of my boring day THEN I come across this website!

HOLY SMOKES! A movie about black lesbians showing in London?! I know it’s 4 hours away but gosh darn it, I would have sold my hole-y air mattress (the only mattress I’ve got) and bought a return bus ticket to London!

Please come to Toronto with your movies and please let me advertise them (for free till I’m rich and famous) on my blog! In a city where black lesbians are in hiding somewhere in Scarborough and only come out when a big butt stripper is in town, I’d have loved to be there and feel their energy.



  1. Toronto huh? Why am I kinda surprised that the black lesbians are MIA??

    I know! especially when Gay Marriage in Canada is totally legal! There is still so much stigma though because the majority of black women in Toronto are immigrants from the Islands and Africa which are both very homophobic.

  2. The film looks good! I’ve been searching high and low for movies featuring black lesbians.
    Me too. And to think I missed it! Garrrrrr!

  3. How about the Lesbian & Gay festival in March?
    I really hope so, otherwise I’ll be bangin’ my head against a wall!

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