Posted by: Bwandungi | February 16, 2009


Today is Family Day in Canada, where we all get to stay home and visit with our families and celebrate the logical bonds that exist between ourselves and those with whom we share genetic material. Here is an article to read about it if you are even remotely interested. There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding a day off. I don’t see where the problem is. Hmmmm…

Intolerance is ALWAYS wrong

Intolerance is ALWAYS wrong

I got really jazzed recently because I found a podcast on my not so favorite show, the L Word. People were raving about it and in the little time I spent listening to it, I found myself raving too. It’s long and sometimes the conversation rambles a little too much, but it’s always interesting to see another person’s point of view.

Currently there is no TV signal coursing through the fibre glass connections in my apartment so it’s either with SribeGrrl’s recaps or with the podcasts that I find out what the ladies of the eL were up to this week.

I made the decision to listen to some old podcasts and get their opinion on previous episodes and heard something that made me pause. I couldn’t focus on the rest of the podcast and turned it off because of the intolerance I heard coming out of my speaker.

Free speech is a wonderful thing. Living in a world where discrimination touches only one facet of your life sounds like a dream to me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be granted the opportunity to live their lives as they see fit (as long as no one else is being harmed). But ridiculing someone for what they believe is unacceptable. You can voice your own objections and present your point of view, but ridicule and scorn are what led to severe suppression and oppression of countless races of people around the globe who still feel the brunt of the discrimination that resulted from it, and as a person who happens to live on this Earth, I find it to be objectionable, so I’m stating it now.


What was even more distressing was hearing it from people who know what being ridiculed, scorned and discriminated against feels like. Kinda makes me think they haven’t.




  1. I don’t have Sho either, but I watch online. You want the link?


  2. I think in today’s society people do not know how to agree to disagree. So many people don’t know how to disagree without hate. Free speech is wonderful and needed, but it has to be respect involved.

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