Posted by: Bwandungi | November 6, 2009

Once t’again…

I’m watching the 5th season of the L Word with K.

Is life really like that in LA? K says if someone has a weak character it’s easy to get lost in the hype. But to the point of regressing to a pouty preadolescent girl? Sigh! I should try and watch Lovers and Friends. Coz the whole bunch of friends thing with one person who is a struggling writer, one a professor and another promiscuous… is repeated way too often.

Here is a plot to steal for all the story readers who steal plot lines out there.

The story is based on ONE SINGLE LESBIAN who keeps an online diary about her journey through life. She’s not a particularly good writer and sometimes only has one line for her blog. Someone keeps responding to it and in the beginning they clash so much till the MAIN lesbian sends her an email to stay off her blog. They become great pen pals… continue story!!!

Now let me get back to the news and just see how far Americans are gonna go…



  1. Hahahah…this is quite funny…

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